These client’s spaces were completely transformed in just a few hours.

Rebecca Desk2.jpg

This mama had just moved into a new house and had her first baby! She desperately wanted a relaxing crafting and video editing space. We removed everything from the space and sorted through every piece of paper, filling 3 garbage bags full of trash!

rebecca desk 3a.jpg

I removed all the boxes under her desk, centered the monitor on the window wall, and gave her a new bulletin board to display her important notes. I used a combination of her existing desk organizers and new storage boxes to give her easy access to all her supplies. All the heart eyes for a clean and clear desktop!

Alyssa junk drawer a.jpg

My out of control junk drawer was a major source of stress! I removed all non-essentials, including a bag labeled “junk drawer” that hadn’t been opened in 6 years! Some Dollar Tree bins in various sizes were perfect for separating different sized batteries. Now anyone in this house can quickly find what they’re looking for, without bothering mom.


Organizing doesn’t always require a drastic overhaul to make big changes. My kichen spice rack was doing an “ok” job holding spices but finding the different spices in it was a pain in the butt. Without labels on top the only way to find things was to go through every single one! I transferred all the spices into matching glass jars and added chalkboard labels to the lids, with the contents clearly printed on top. Storing the jars alphabetically makes finding one even faster now!

jill cabinet a.jpg

This client lived in a small apartment and needed a space to store her homeschooling curriculum. This kitchen catch-all was the perfect spot to turn into a dedicated school space. It was jam packed with items from all over the house. We removed everything including a fragile teacup collection. We moved all the teacups into the kitchen, discarded a bag full of trash, and moved a big box of “doesn’t belong” items into other rooms. Then we put only the school related books and games back into the cabinet. Can you believe how much space we freed up? Now this mama can easily find her teaching tools.

melissa table a.jpg

This client wanted a budget-friendly makeover for her dining. She wanted to paint it but had never DIY’ed before. I helped her identify her decor style and put together a color palette that worked with her other furniture. I showed her how to properly prep and paint the furniture, and selected fabric options for her chairs. After just one session together, she pulled off this makeover all by herself! Having someone to guide her through every step saved her loads of time and money, and kept her from making costly mistakes along the way.

melissa table 2a.jpg

Alyssa media cabinet a.jpg

Our game cabinet had become a piled mess and needed a refresh badly. We let go all the games that had missing or broken pieces, and all the ones the kids never played. We put board games in one compartment, puzzles in another, and electronics in the third. Keeping only the things kids truly love and use saved us so much space.

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